Factoring Service

In a block of flats or a tenement there are often areas of the building such as the stairs, garden and the roof that all the flat owners commonly own, so they have a joint responsibility for the upkeep. But organising effective maintenance and necessary repairs of these areas as individual owners can be difficult and time-consuming.

With our Property Factoring Service we can handle the whole process for your tenement or block, ensuring the building is properly maintained and offering peace of mind for all the owners involved. Our service includes:

  • organising, and supervising repairs
  • organising routine maintenance contracts
  • dealing with emergency repairs
  • sorting out building insurance
  • collecting payment from all owners
  • organising owners’ group meetings
  • liaising with all owners

We charge an annual fee and clearly communicate all costs involved to the owners.
We are a registered Property Factor and abide by the statutory code of conduct, including supplying each owner with a written statement of services and publishing our complaints procedure.
Contact us to find out more about how our Factoring Service can help cut down building maintenance stress for tenement owners and to organise a no-obligation property management quotation.